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Thu, 11th February 2021, 12:46pm (Tue, 2nd November 2021, 12:46pm UTC+6336)

what a fantastic community
thanks for all your help guys

Dave Loydon

Sun, 14th April 2019, 5:07pm

I was at DGS between 1957 and 1964, so it was good to see David Strachan`s name in the guest book. I have lived in the East Midlands since 1969, having been to Liverpool and Cambridge Universities thanks to the first rate schooling I had in Dudley. I have been in Masonry since 1981 and have gone through the chair in three different lodges, one in Sussex and two in Leicestershire. I am currently Provincial Grand Orator for Leicestershire and Rutland, and am due to be appointed PAGDC in Grand Lodge in a few days time.I am delighted to see the progress the Lodge has made, and I wish you all well.

David Hughes

Wed, 8th August 2018, 1:16pm (Thu, 1st January 1970, 1:00am UTC-426036)

Good to see a candidate coming through

WBro Allan J Bretherton

Tue, 27th January 2015, 11:44am

Hi just looking for information about W bro Stan Bache who sadly passed away, on Tuesday 20th January 2015 it has been mentioned that he attended the Old Dudleian School.

Also I havent noticed a link to facebook on this site this may help in your endevours to find new members
as always yours

w e roberts (ernie)

Tue, 22nd April 2014, 9:50pm (Thu, 1st January 1970, 1:00am UTC-388389)

Good to see you guys going well. I was at DGS from 57 - 64 before Uni at Liverpool to read Elec. Eng & Electronics. It was a brilliant school which launched poorer working class boys like my brother and I into professional. I've now been a mason for 30 plus years and a member of three lodges, two Chapters and an SRIA College. Would love a recent summons and hope to visit one of these days.

Fraternal regards, Dave Strachan

W.Bro. Dave Strachan P.Pr.G.Supt.Wks. (N. Wales)