(With acknowledgements to the late W.Bro Tony Walker, who compiled a detailed history of the first 50 years of the Lodge.)


In February 1948, a meeting of ten Masons who were also Old Boys of the Dudley Grammar School, agreed to consider forming a Lodge limited to Old Boys of the School. The Old Dudleian Lodge was consecrated on November 13th, 1948, the ceremony being carried out by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master in Charge, W.Bro Ben Marsh, P.G.D. The first Worshipful Master was W.Bro Jack Napier, there were 27 Founder Members and 7 Joining Members.

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Before the consecration, it had already been decided that Mr. D.C.Temple, Headmaster of the Dudley Grammar School, would be the first Initiate of the Lodge. Bro Temple subsequently became Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1960, and remained a strong supporter of the Lodge until he sadly passed away shortly after his retirement from the School.

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 In 1967, the then Headmaster of the School, Mr. P.W.Rogers, was initiated into the Lodge. Bro Rogers subsequently became Worshipful Master of his school lodge in Brighton. 

Many donations were received by the Lodge, in particular the Lodge Banner, which was embroidered and presented by Mrs. Betty Walker in memory of her husband, W.Bro F.G.G.Walker, the first Chaplain of the Lodge. The central emblem on the banner is the badge of the Dudley Grammar School, and although the School is no longer in existence, the heritage depicted in that badge is a source of inspiration for our Members.

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In 1953, the Lodge joined the Federation of School Lodges. In September 1962 (the year of the Quatercentenary of the School) the Lodge hosted the Annual Festival of the Federation, held in the new school hall at the Dudley Grammar School. Pupils at that time (including the writer of this page!!) will remember the wild speculation about what “magic” might have been taking place behind those blacked-out windows! They would have been very disappointed to learn that nothing like that happens. 

In the early years of the Lodge, there was no shortage of Applicants to join. It was October 1962 before a meeting was held which did not include an initiation, passing, raising or installation ceremony. In fact, there were several instances in the early days when "double" ceremonies of Passing or Raising were necessary. However, within 10 years the Dudley Grammar School had closed, and by 1977 the level of applicants had decreased. The qualification for Membership was extended to include relatives of Members, and eventually in 1988 the restrictions were removed completely.

In recent years, there has been an increase in Joining Members, and there are now several Members in the stages between Initiation and Raising thus offering a progression for newer Members through the Offices of the Lodge.


From the date of its Consecration in 1948, the Lodge always held its meetings at The Lodge, Wellington Road, Dudley, DY1 1RD. However, after more than 400 meetings, this Masonic Hall closed in 2020, and from 1st June, 2020 the Old Dudleian Lodge will meet at The James S. Webb Freemasonry Centre, Victoria Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1SP.



Old Dudleian Lodge No. 6734     Founders (November 1948):


These Dudley Freemasons made an invaluable and lasting contribution to Freemasonry in Dudley and beyond

W.Bro. J.R.Napier, W.M.6606, 4538, P.M.4209, 5580, P.S.G.D.

W.Bro. J.W.Davies, 4538, 6606, P.M.5580, P.P.G.Reg., P.P.A.G.D.C. (Warks)

W.Bro. H.Cherrington, 5028, P.M.252, P.Asst.G.Std.B., P.P.G.W.

W.Bro. H.Preedy, P.M.498, P.P.G.W.

W.Bro. F.G.G.Walker, P.M.5028, P.P.G.D.

W.Bro. J.Mainwaring, P.M.498, P.P.G.D.

W.Bro. O.S.Brettle, M.B.E., P.P.A.G.D.C. (Warks)

W.Bro. A.H.Crump, 4437, J.P., P.P.G.Std. B.

W.Bro. W.Kent, 498, P.P.G.W.

W.Bro. W.N.Chilton, 4437, P.P.G.D.

W.Bro. W.A.Woodall, 938, P.P.G.Std.B. (Warks)

W.Bro. J.A.Russell, 252, 539

W.Bro. S.B.Simpson, 498, P.P.G.W.

W.Bro. E.N.Davies, 5545, P.P.G.D.

W.Bro. J.C.M.Jewkes, 74, P.P.G. Treas. (Warks)

W.Bro. S.Jennings, 5028, P.P.G.W.

W.Bro. K.Silk, 4463

W.Bro. W.H.Edwards, 498

W.Bro. C.D.Edwards, 498, P.P.G.Reg.

W.Bro. C.D.Matthews, 252

W.Bro. H.L.Preedy, 498, 5743, O.B.E., J.P., P.P.G.W.

W.Bro. N.E.Davies, 498

W.Bro. F.C.Parsons, 5729

W.Bro. K.L.Pearce, 498

W.Bro. J.L.Round, 5545

W.Bro. W.W.Hickman, 498

W.Bro. T.H.Troman, 5028